What are you rushing for?

Sleep, Work, Eat. Repeat.

That’s what everybody’s life’s status pretty much is nowadays. Even when our whatsapp status says, You only live once! 

I wonder if we had the choice to live not once but everyday. Why life has to feel so boring.. so monotonous. What are we doing wrong? I kept asking myself. Then I observed that I am doing the answer to this everyday. And not just me but everyone around me.

We all are in a rat race. That has been said over a hundred times. But what goes unnoticed is what are we trying to win?  

We all are rushing at speeds that refuse to slow down by even a second. We spoil our entire day if we are late by even 10 minutes. We overwork singing “I have no time”.

But what for?  

Being born in a city that is now a corporate hub…the rules of the race have been infused deep inside me. But whenever I travel and go to places which have little houses made of woods and meet people who still cook food using firewood, I see that all they care about is how much milk did the cow give today.

I look at myself and wonder. What are we creating? A life that we want to escape. A life that just looks fancy. A life with no place for real feelings.

Are we trying to ‘play life’ by the unwritten rules?

The answer is we are all rushing towards nothingness.

I love going to the movies and partying myself but isn’t this more of a post-work relaxation exercise for most of us rather than just being with the people who are with you during it? When was the last time you just sat doing nothing with a person you are comfortable talking to about how beautiful the world is! And has the other person actually “listened” to it enough to understand you.

We are running, we are rushing because we have a life and we ‘have’ to exist. But where’s the living part in it? Things like admiring nature or a person for their soul and making real connections seem to be things of the bygone era. But stop my friend. Live it up.  

Because I know how many hours did I spend rushing through all this won’t count in the end. The old lady from California who met me on her visit to Delhi and still writes emails to me after 5 years does. This is what makes my life beautiful. To have a place in her time, if not in people’s hearts.

If this is a race my friend, make time to make memories because memories are not memories, they are trophies!


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