I look for you… (Poem)

I look for you in the places I go, in things I do, in the lines I wrote.

I look for you in the plans I make, in the names I hear, in the breaths I take.

I look for you in the paintings I make, in the faces I draw, in the games I play.

I look for you when I am mad, when I am sad, in good & bad.

I look for you when I stare at the stars & no one holds my hand in the dark.

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Someone tells me the desert looks beautiful…

I have been a lot to the mountains, but never to a desert.

Would love to see the vast expanse of sand, it is going to be an entirely different sight.

Under the stars, a camp night in the desert with the sound of strong blowing wind sounds so perfect. The day I experience that, I will write and share the same for sure.

Don’t play a victim, you are an adventurer. Stand  and deal!

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What are you rushing for?

Sleep, Work, Eat. Repeat.

That’s what everybody’s life’s status pretty much is nowadays. Even when our whatsapp status says, You only live once! 

I wonder if we had the choice to live not once but everyday. Why life has to feel so boring.. so monotonous. What are we doing wrong? I kept asking myself. Then I observed that I am doing the answer to this everyday. And not just me but everyone around me.

We all are in a rat race. That has been said over a hundred times. But what goes unnoticed is what are we trying to win?  

We all are rushing at speeds that refuse to slow down by even a second. We spoil our entire day if we are late by even 10 minutes. We overwork singing “I have no time”.

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The Noble Sinner

I sometimes write from hell, sometimes from paradise…

The view from both places is paradoxical yet alluring.

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