I look for you… (Poem)

I look for you in the places I go, in things I do, in the lines I wrote.

I look for you in the plans I make, in the names I hear, in the breaths I take.

I look for you in the paintings I make, in the faces I draw, in the games I play.

I look for you when I am mad, when I am sad, in good & bad.

I look for you when I stare at the stars & no one holds my hand in the dark.

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Don’t play a victim, you are an adventurer. Stand  and deal!

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What are you rushing for?

Sleep, Work, Eat. Repeat.

That’s what everybody’s life’s status pretty much is nowadays. Even when our whatsapp status says, You only live once! 

I wonder if we had the choice to live not once but everyday. Why life has to feel so boring.. so monotonous. What are we doing wrong? I kept asking myself. Then I observed that I am doing the answer to this everyday. And not just me but everyone around me.

We all are in a rat race. That has been said over a hundred times. But what goes unnoticed is what are we trying to win?  

We all are rushing at speeds that refuse to slow down by even a second. We spoil our entire day if we are late by even 10 minutes. We overwork singing “I have no time”.

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The Noble Sinner

I sometimes write from hell, sometimes from paradise…

The view from both places is paradoxical yet alluring.

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Meet the Noble Sinner

Like all first encounters demand an introduction, your encounter with me demands one too. So, to briefly introduce myself to you…

Free-spirit, workaholic, restless, loner, sarcastic and insane are words that describe a greater part of me.

Having an unstoppable mind that is constantly thinking is a struggle to keep as part of your own body. I think too much, and a lot of times find myself contradicting my own thoughts. My thoughts make me feel out-of-place in this world, lost and wondering how I fit into this puzzle.

My habit of not sharing my feelings with anyone naturally presented me with a pen to put down my experiences into words. It made me fall in love with poetry and writing and now all my experiences acquire the shape of words.

I feel that every writer has an innate desire to share their expression with the world, so here I am putting my mind in words for the world to read.

Pain, joy, sadness – are all part of the life I am here to experience. So, I take none too seriously. Obsessed with the ideals of fairness and honesty, they form the heart of my life.

I am totally in love with freedom, freedom to think, to stay, to go, to love, to not love, to be something, to be more than just one thing. So, love for travel just comes naturally to me. Often, I just roam around alone, it gives me a high on freedom feeling.

There is no one thing my blog is about, because I am passionate about a lot of things in life. I am still exploring myself and I just want to put everything I experience on my journey here. So, you can expect to be surprised!


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Someone tells me the desert looks beautiful…

I have been a lot to the mountains, but never to a desert.

Would love to see the vast expanse of sand, it is going to be an entirely different sight.

Under the stars, a camp night in the desert with the sound of strong blowing wind sounds so perfect. The day I experience that, I will write and share the same for sure.

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